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Stream High School Sports

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Just looking to broadcast games once a week or only for a few months during the season and not wishing to make 24/7 streaming investment?- Buy a seasonal package

Lacrosse is a popular streaming sport for High Schools

Looking to connect to listeners without using up valuable over the air time? Afraid to commit to 24/7 streaming contracts just to broadcast a couple of hours a week?

Cool Radio Streaming offers sport season streaming packages that are cost effective and revenue producing

Whether you are looking to upgrade your high school football broadcasts or looking for ways to bring the excitement of lacrosse, volleyball or baseball to your community, a Cool Radio Streaming sports season package might be right for you.

Pay by Season

The idea of broadcasting a local team's single season is attractive until you add up the costs of a dedicated computer, annual streaming contracts and engineering time.

However, our sports packages eliminate a lot of the extra costs allowing you to focus on the broadcasts and-most importantly the sponsorship revenue a stream broadcast could bring in.

Cool Radio Streaming Sport Season packages include multi month contracts at a fraction of annual costs ($150/season, $250/ two seasons). In addition, a broadcaster can order a Zerhex Bridge G1 from Cool Radio Streaming ($250) and eliminate the need for a separate streaming computer. The Bridge G1 remains the property of broadcaster and is one time only purchase.

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