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$225 w/ monthly or seasonal package

$175 w/ Annual package

Live Audio Broadcasting Encoder Hardware & Receiver, All in One

There is no need for a separate streaming computer now. This amazing product comes preconfigured with your streaming data connections preset. Connect the Bridge G1 to a ethernet source and send it audio via RCA audio connectors. You just plug and play.


The Zerhex Bridge G1 allows you to send live audio directly from any analog audio source in real time to Cool Radio Streaming servers or playback a live audio stream from an online audio source link in several formats (MP3, OGG, etc) with a bit rate of up to 128kbps. This equipment is used in high-quality broadcasting and playback applications where audio over IP broadcasting is required.


The Zerhex Bridge also supports live audio recording, scheduling of multiple programs from different sources anywhere on planet, P2P audio transmission, live audio stream playback, uploading episodes directly to websites, updating RSS/XML feeds including Itunes and other podcast directories & more.


This device is fully equipped with cloud-based, remote-control access that allows you to easily monitor and configure your live broadcast or playback from any smart device, from any destination. 

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